Thank you for your interest in Cumberland Gym & Cheer Training Center. You can now be a part of one of the largest, most successful, and fastest-growing gymnastics programs in Western Maryland.

As a member, you and your child will participate in the most comprehensive movement experience in all of youth sports. Gymnastics-Cheernastics mean the challenge of total body involvement while discovering the fun of physical fitness.

The staff at Cumberland Gym & Cheer is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • .To provide gymnastics instruction that combine total body awareness, coordination and fitness.
  • To instill positive social skills (self-confidence, goal-setting and achievement, independence, cooperation, and sportsmanship)
  • To provide instruction that challenges participants while engaging in fun and exciting activities
  • To provide a supportive, enriched, and safe environment for physical activity.

We at Cumberland Gym and Cheer believe safety, cooperation ,communication, and efficiency are essential. Therefore, rules, policies and guidelines are a necessity. We want to provide an efficient, safety-conscious gymnastics training center. We ask for your help by supporting and working within our guidelines. We want gymnastics- cheernastics to be fun and great learning experience. We look forward to working with you!